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The children of the Sea

For several years, Inlak’Ech has been managing and implementing a project to bring the city and the sea closer together, for children and young people of low economic resources with cancer/serious illnesses and/or difficult socio-economic situations. 


In 2013, we traveled with young cancer patients and their mothers from the Centro Oncológico de Antioquia and 2014, with children and young people from  FUNAVID - Heroes for life -.

In 2015, 10 children were brought to Medellín with their mothers from the village of  Berrugas - San Onofre in the department of SUCRE, COLOMBIA, for a minor surgery program donated by the  Clínica las Vegas and co-sponsored by the Rotary club of Medellín.

In 2016, 17 children/young people and 3 teachers from the new school program of the Municipality of  Copacabana were taken to the sea in order to encourage scientific and natural curiosity and at the same time to raise awareness about the importance of environmental care that is required throughout the entire water chain from de Mountain to the Sea.


In 2017 a version of the project “It Makes Sense to Go to the Sea”, we wanted to provide a stimulus for children and young people with low vision to dare to explore the world in other directions .

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