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Performance of the Moment

In one way or the other the reality is that we are driven by what we have lived. Including all the good, bad, pain and experiences we live.


Many times we are limited by our culture circumstances which can entrap us and limit our potential. For the young the situation is more dramatic because the must deal with the stress of parents, mentors and teachers.


The world of the arts is top of mind for  Inlak'Ech, is an invaluable experience for the children. This enables them to explore other outlets of creativity, frustration and pain in a positive artistic way. Taking the negative experiences they have encountered and turning it to a positive creative outlet.

In our work plan we integrate at least nine of our physical senses with the capacity and intention to dream that they inhabit the spirit of us all. Please contact us if you are aware or responsible of groups of children that can benefit from a common focus of the children’s welfare and benefit. These type of children would benefit and would be of benefit of our Performance of the Moment Project.

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