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ASOJAMBER community

Berrugas is a port located to the west of the Municipality of San Onofre.  Historically, Berrugas was one of the first ports in the Gulf of Morrosquillo and is considered one of the oldest towns in the northern department of Sucre.
It is about 24 kilometres from downtown.  Its population is 95 percent Afro-descendant and they still keep their traditions.  Because of its proximity to the beaches of the Gulf of Morrosquillos, Berrugas has wanted to become a tourist port, but the lack of public services and poverty have put an end to the aspiration and yearning of the inhabitants.  There, poverty is visible and the environment in the community is unhealthy, because the sewage flows superficially through the streets.  It is estimated that only 2 out of 10 people of working age have wages and social benefits.  In other words, 80% of them are in the informal sector and must "search" for their diaries in the fishing and fishing industries, in a place where there are no job offers.
A group of young entrepreneurs from this population grouped under ASOJAMBER, an association that unifies purposes.  This is how, with the collaboration that can be collected through 
Inlakech​ , they have cultural, environmental and entrepreneurial projects.  We want to support the academic construction of their projects, the attainment of resources and the continuous accompaniment so that, the community through the "ASOCIACIÓN DE JÓVENES AMBIENTALISTAS DE BERRUGAS", has some possibility of improving their quality of life.

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