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The support for each of these projects has the purpose to expand and become bigger, always keeping in mind the vision of  Inlak'Ech.
To recap and reiterate, these projects are designed and customized for each community and their people, according to their budgets and purposes.  An opportunity for all of us to contribute.


Project to bring the city and the sea closer together, for children and young people of low economic resources.

2017 Project: Tiene SENTIDOS ir al Mar

Teamwork between associations with common ground in caring for biodiversity.


Project 2018: Inventory of the Cantos de Agua laboratory plants  (Cordoncillo, Uvito de Monte, Magnolio Nativo, Amarraboyos, Drago)

A non-profit organisation whose purposes are to conservate the different enviormental ecosystems from the Colombian Caribbean, to rescue the cultural heritage of this area, and to enforce the local entrepreneurship.

Inlakech offers them comprehensive accompaniment with their technical and achademical needs. 

Pilot scheme for the development of artificial reefs from waste materials.

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